Our Projects

Masar attaches great importance to the developmental works and crucial pivotal issues in our community. The fields of education, developing children and providing support to them are considered of extreme priority to Masar’s team, as we work on activating the role of development in promoting the field of child and young people’s mental health and skill-development. On this basis, Masar provided services of sessions and trainings in cooperation with a number of international organizations through various developmental projects including:

Enhancing Quality of Protection and Education for Immigrant and Refugee Children in Alexandria

Funded by: Save the Children

Providing psychological support through skill-development and speech therapy sessions for the refugee project beneficiaries

Prevention and Protection from SGBV for Refugees

Funded by: Care Egypt

Conducting individual and group counseling sessions for survivors of sex and gender based violence

Safer Cities for Girls

Funded by: Plan International

Providing psychological support for the project beneficiaries through skill-development, speech therapy and counseling sessions

Training courses and workshops

Masar center also provides services for specialists in the field and the fresh graduates in order to achieve the center’s vision aiming at raising the field workers’ efficiency what’s in turn reflected on better service for our children. This’s done through delivering a variety of courses including:

Training courses

Preparing skill Development specialist V1

Preparing skill Development specialist V2

Training course on Autism

Training course on

specific scales and measures

Stanford-Binet IQ

preparing learning disability specialist