Social Responsibility


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Department Overview

Masar Social Responsibility

Masar Foundation for Consultation, Training and Psychological Support is proud that its basic background and the orientations of its founders are to develop and improve the services provided to the community.
Since we consider ourselves an integral part of society, we are always keen to bring about improvement and development for members of society, which will necessarily help in reforming and developing society as a whole.

Based on the general vision of the Masar Foundation, the Foundation works to serve the community and its members, not only by providing distinguished and high-quality services, but also by providing various forms of support to the beneficiaries of the community, through the two sections of the Foundation, the Consultation and Training Section, as well as the Psychological Support and Child Skills Development Section

Providing many different celebrations and training at a reduced cost with many organizations for their beneficiaries, for example:
– Trainings to raise the capabilities of volunteers to deal with children
– Follow up on the implementation of celebrations and camps

Responsibility Department Services

Masar Foundation has provided many trainings for workers in institutions and centers with the aim of raising their efficiency and capabilities

We believe in the right of every child to enjoy his childhood, accept him and integrate him into society, and through our work in the field of psychological support for children, the Foundation has provided its service with full and partial financial support for many children who need rehabilitation sessions and specialized psychological support