Consultancy And Training


Department Overview

Masar consultancy and training

Masar started, since its establishment, based on consultancy and training department as a main area of expertise for the team of founders. This is based on their long experience in the field of community development prior to embarking on establishing an independent entity, where these efforts and experiences are employed.

Masar’s teamwork always pursued achieving developmental values in terms of leaving the desirable influence and keeping sustainability after the end of consultancy implementation, with commitment to social work criteria, considering personal space and information privacy of the targeted groups, as well as commitment to child protection policies and safety in activity implementation.

Consultancy and training department, especially works on implementing programs and activities of social development through cooperation with international and local organizations interested in actualization of sustainable development objectives and programs, including:

Consultancy and training department implemented a number of consultancies including:

and other consultancies which target various marginalized groups and groups who need different forms of support, through conducting trainings, sports educational camps and designing training manuals to serve the mentioned developmental purposes.

The department, also benefits from the services of psychological support department in delivering psychological and psychosocial support individual and group sessions as part of our consultancies.

The department teamwork uses approaches of active learning and learner-focused activities, besides caring of monitoring and evaluation procedures qualitatively and quantitatively to match the previously identified objectives.

Masar always pursue developing her work in service of community development goals on a larger scale and best influence that supports our constant desire to have new cooperation channels with different development partners in order to achieve the goals of developmental work.